Beit Chatam

Our Shul’s History

Beit Chatam was founded by a group of Kollelniks in 5743 (1983) . The founders felt that Rechovot’s large and growing English speaking community was in need of Torah advancement. Torah lectures and Shiurim in English were organized and with the passage of time, under the leadership of Rav David Stein, Chatam developed into a full fledged community complete with a Rabbinical Board, Shul Board and Ladies’ committee.

Rosh Hashono 5756 (1995) saw us in the first floor of our new Shul. In 5762 (2002) we completed the second floor (which includes a lecture hall, classrooms, and library).

The Founders of Beit Chatam:

Rav David Stein, Lower East Side Manhattan, NY, Aliyah 5738 (1978).

Rav Avraham Reisman, Detroit, MI, Aliyah 5735 (1975).

Rav David Carmen, Detroit, MI, Aliyah 5739 (1979).

Rav Yona Taube, Montreal, Canada, Aliyah 5735 (1975).

Rav Avraham Marzel, Rochester N.Y., Aliyah 5730 (1970).