Shul Facilities

Beit Knesset

Chatam offers the community a maintained facility fit for many uses, seasons, and events. In addition to a fully equipped shul with sizable mens’ and womens’ sections and daily tefilot, our beit midrash is stocked for daily and weekly learning programs and shiurim. We also have a community Zoom account, from which shiurim and events are hosted out of the shul. You can view our tefilot times here, and see our schedule of events here

For social and community events, such as annual dinners, childrens’ events, kiddushes, and women’s social or educational evenings, Chatam has a large social hall with a kitchen suitable for storing and warming up food, as well as a spacious outdoor (yet air conditioned) sukkah balcony. On the same floor as the social hall, we house a welcoming and treasured collection of English-language Jewish books, including things for our youngest community members through to our oldest – books for serious learning, hashkafa, chumash, as well as novels and children’s books.

English Library

Chatam’s extensive library has hundreds of English books and CDs by noted authors and lecturers from the top English-language publishers in the Jewish world. We have the latest (and some older hard-to-find) titles on history, biography, Jewish thought, hashkafa, halacha, self-help and growth, holidays, Torah commentaries, children’s books, and of course, lots of light reading and novels. The library is opened by community volunteers who keep the books orderly, check in and out parts of the collection, and spend their time making this shul feature a gift for all of us to enjoy. 

Library Hours:

Sunday 9:00-10:30pm

Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm

Social Hall

Chatam’s social hall is used frequently for community events, family events, and educational evenings. This is where kiddushes, first aid courses, shiurim, sheva brachot, and community social activities are most often hosted. There’s a spacious kitchen available for storing and heating food and drinks – though not for full cooking – as well as a non-permanent stage available as needed. The social hall fits approximately 20 tables of 8 chairs each, to seat 180 guests for a simcha or event, or can be set up as a lecture hall to fit approximately 200 people. Please see the Chatam events calendar to see if the social hall is available for your simcha. If you like to book the hall or have any questions, please email