Men's Mikvaot

Women's Mikvaot

You do not need an appointment for the mikvaot in Rehovot. Hours are typically as following: Winter and Summer are defined by daylight savings time Sun-Thurs: 1 hour before shkiah until 9:30pm (winter) / 10:30pm (summer). Friday and Erev Chag: 1/2 hour after candle lighting and continues for about 1 hour. Motzei Shabbos and Motzei Chag: 1 hour after Shabbos / Chag ends until 10:30pm(winter) / 11:30pm(summer).

Cost is 15nis if you prep at home and if you prep at the mikva. Towels and supplies are available for extra payment.


Mikva Keilim

  1. The mikva on Marmorek Kikar Chashmona’im 3 – in the back, downstairs (outside the building).
  2. The mikva for keylim at the Vishnitz shul on Rehov Sireni is very convenient. The mikva is outside the shul and there’s parking on the street nearby.
  3. There is a store on Herzl south of Yaakov on the (East side) that has an outdoor mikva.