Mehadrin Food in Rechovot

The following table lists the Kashrus certification of various eateries and food outlets in Rechovot. It was compiled by a Chatam member in 5776 (2016). Disclaimer: This list should serve only as a suggestion. The actual Kashrus level of each and every store should be verified by the customer at each purchase by inspecting the Kashrus certification (teudat kashrut) that should be displayed prominently in the store.

Dairy/MeatTypeLocation (approx)NameHechsher
DairyPizza123 HerzlK'mat ChinamMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
DairyPizza4 BinyaminPizza DominoMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
DairyPizza126 HertzlPizza ReuvenMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
DairyPizzaShopping Centre - Bilu StreetPizza HutMehadrin BD''Z - Beit Yosef
DairyPizza16 HahaganaHaKafriyaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
DairyPizza2 Derech YerushalayimSmile / Happy PizzaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
MeatButcher57 MadarAtlis SharabiMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
MeatButcher5 WeissburgEli MehadrinMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
MeatShwarma2 EzraVe'Achalta Ve'SeivachtaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
MeatShwarma16 HahaganaHaKafriyaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevDesert Shop130 HerzlSomething TEIMANMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFresh & Frozen Fish126 HerzlShirat HayamMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFruit & Vege Shop16 HahaganaSomething Ha-AretzMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFruit & Veg ShopCnr Yakovson and HaRoeMachsanei PeirotMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFruit & Veg Shop18 EzraPeirot ShmuelMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFalafel198 HerzlHamoshavaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
ParevFalafel & Cafe130 Herzl - approxNAME?Mehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery146 HerzlPharin (פארין)Mehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery198 HerzlPharin (פארין)Mehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery42 Bilu (opp Mall)Shibolet HashoronMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery104 HerzlMafiyot Ha'chenMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery2 EzraMaafiyat ShmuelMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery167 HerzlShibolet HashoronMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery130 HerzlCafe YemimaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery2 Derech YerushalimMinchat EdenMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakeryAzor Tasiiah Area - Cnr HaYam & GavrielovShibolot HasharonMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyFalafel, Soups etc4 BinyaminDavid VeYonatan’Mehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyIce Cream & Waffles208 HertzlMini ItaliaMehadrin Rabanut Rehovot
Parev&DairyBakery3 Kiriyat Kretkchnif (Inside Kretchnif on Chish)RogoulahRAV RUBIN