Mehadrin Food in Rehovot

The following table lists the Kashrus certification of various eateries and food outlets in Rehovot. It was compiled by a Chatam member in 5782 (2022). Disclaimer: This list should serve only as a suggestion. The actual Kashrus level of each and every store should be verified by the customer at each purchase by inspecting the Kashrus certification (teudat kashrut) that should be displayed prominently in the store.

NameLocation (approx)Dairy/MeatTypeHechsherDelivery App
BoloBinyamin 1 (corner of Herzl)DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot MehadrinWolt and 10bis
BoloDerech Yerushalayim 15DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot MehadrinWolt and 10bis
Grande ItaliaHerzl 193DairyWaffles/Crepes, Ice CreamRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin10bis
HaKafriyaYosef Viner 9 (corner of HaHagana)DairyPizza, Waffles/Crepes, Ice CreamRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Italki ZoharHerzl 150DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot MehadrinWolt and 10bis
Pizza Kim'at ChinamHerzl 121DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Pizza SmileyDerech Jerusalem 2DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Yummy PizzaYaakov 5DairyPizzaRabbanut Rehovot MehadrinWolt and 10bis
FarinYetsira 22 (near all the car mechanics)Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
FarinHerzl 146Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
HaTarboshBinyamin 4Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot MehadrinWolt and 10bis
Maafiat ShmuelEzra 4Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Minchat EdenDerech Jerusalem 2 (inside Mercaz Sharona)Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
RugelachHish 3Dairy/PareveBakeryRav Rubin
Shibolet HaSharonHerzl 167Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin/LandauWolt and 10bis
Shibolet HaSharonBilu 42 (opposite the mall)Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Shibolet HaSharonKalman Gavrielov 3 (near all the car mechanics)Dairy/PareveBakeryRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Atlis SharabiZecharia Madar 57MeatButcherRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Eli MehadrinWeissberg 5MeatButcherRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
HaKafriyaYosef Viner 9 (corner of HaHagana)MeatShawarma, Schnitzel, etc.Rabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
HaKatzavim M'YerushalayimAhad HaAm 1MeatButcherVarious (Mainly Machpud and Chug Hasam Sofer)
SharabiBinyamin 2 (corner of Herzl, facing Binyamin)MeatShawarmaRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
David V'YehonatanBinyamin 4PareveFalafel, Shakshuka, etc.Rabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Falafel NetoHerzl 97PareveFalafelRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
HaFalafelKovshei HaKhermon 23PareveFalafelRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
HaKafriyaYosef Viner 9 (corner of HaHagana)PareveFalafelRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
MeTaamai TeimanHerzl 103PareveTeimani BreadsRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
SharabiBinyamin 2 (corner of Herzl, facing Herzl)PareveFalafelRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin
Shirat HaYamHerzl 128PareveFresh and Frozen FishRabbanut Rehovot Mehadrin