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Secure Online Donation.
All donations are tax deductible.
We will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

Check or Bank Transfer

For bank transfer send money to Bank Habeinleumi (31) Branch Rehovot (029) Account number 409644544

Please write in the memo what it is for.

For a U.S.A. tax deduction, make checks out to
“P.E.F.-Israel Endowment Funds”.
  (IRS number: 13-6104086)
Note: Since a special form must be attached to the check that is sent to P.E.F., please send the check to us rather than to P.E.F. We will forward the check and form to P.E.F.

For an Israeli tax deduction, make checks out to “Beit Chatam”.

If you do not need a tax deductible receipt, make checks out to “Beit Chatam”.

Our mailing address is:

Beit Chatam
1-A Shkolnik St.