Beit Chatam helps you make Aliyah

At Chatam we are (almost) all Olim. We all came here from somewhere else – the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom – did we leave anyone out? We’ve all experienced what you’re going through now – the excitement of making Aliya.

Rechovot offers a wonderful opportunity for Klita (absorption) into Israeli society, with the help of an Anglo community that helps the absorption to go as smoothly as possible. Because Rechovot has many new immigrants, and its own Misrad Haaliya Vehaklita (Ministry of Immigration and Absorption), it’s easier than many other cities to complete all the paperwork and get the help needed settling in.

Because Rechovot is mostly Israeli, with only a 15% Anglo presence in the city as a whole, it allows your family a true Klita (absorption) into Israeli society. This can be a huge adjustment, but a strong, loving, and warm community can help with the ups and downs of the process.

Interested in finding out more? Feel free to drop us a line with any questions and looking forward to welcoming you at Chatam!

You can also learn more about Rehovot in general by watching Kim Bash Real Estate excellent video about Rehovot here.


What's Available Around Rechovot?

Kosher Food

Click here to see an extensive list of Kosher food locations around Rechovot.


Learn More about the education and school opportunities around Rechovot

Community & Support

Rechovot includes a wide spectrum of ages and religious observance, but maintains a warm and thriving communal feel. Rechovot is a thriving city with universities post graduate studies and torah centres thriving.

Great Location

Rechovot is Centrally Located allowing easy access by bus and train to Tel-aviv and Jerusalem. The city’s municipal offices are housed in the gleaming new town center complex which offers a multi-floored shopping mall. There are public access libraries, arts centers and museums.

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